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Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Bouquet of 11 Red Roses
A bouquet of 11 long stem red roses delivered to that someone special.
Price: $95.00
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A 23'' Teddy Bear with 3oz Box of Chocolates
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Price: $59.95
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A bottle of Champagne
"In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening."
Price: $55.00
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Large Box of Chocolate Candies
We offer sweets for your sweetheart! An assortment of fine chocolates decorativly placed in a lovely large box.
Price: $34.95
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Beauty Salon & Spa
Pamper her with a visit to a Beauty Salon and Spa. She will enjoy having a nice full body massage, having her hair and nails done. (Includes haircut, styling, manicure, full body massage)
Price: $240.00
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 Beauty Salon
Pamper your friend with a visit to a nice Beauty Salon. Haircut, styling, manicure and pedicure.
Price: $180.00
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Mobile Phone and Set-up fee
If your friend does not have a phone, or has a busy lifestyle, a mobile phone can be what she needs. Includes mobile phone and a set-up fee.
Price: $179.00
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A glass a day keeps the anger away
Price: $55.00
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A Beautiful Bouquet of 10 Roses
A bouquet of a ten long stem red roses delivered to that someone special is the ultimate romantic gift.
Price: $95.00
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a Loveable Teddybear for that special someone.
Price: $59.50
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Jumbo 23 Roses I Love You Bouquet
The Jumbo 23 Rose I Love You Bouquet Says I Love You in a Big Way!
Price: $175.00
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 Gym Membership
This is a membership for one month. Lady can choose three days a week, when she would like to visit the gym. And the lady can chose the activity, yoga, belly dance and gym. For the girls, who are fond of sports and staying fit, this is the best gift! And it is not only pleasant; it is also good for their health.
Price: $230.00
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Having Lunch / Dinner
Share a nice dinner/lunch with a member of your family.
Price: $120.00
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Flower arrangement of 12 red roses with a small teddy bear and box of chocolates.
Price: $135.00
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24 red roses shaped in heart with balloons for that special someone.
Price: $144.90
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Women love going to beauty salon, let her enjoy a facial session of 1 hour.
Price: $110.00
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17 Roses in a vase
17 beautiful Roses in a nice vase.
Price: $139.00
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Perfume of the highest quality, only by the world-known brands. We will present to her the perfume to her liking.
Price: $245.00
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