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Peru Singles Tour: A Client's Review

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There is nothing in this world that prepares you for meeting this many women!

Peru is gaining a reputation as a top tourist-draw for those wishing to visit Latin America. With Machu-Picchu close by, and Lima's famous restaurants, malls and hotels that make up the Miraflores District, and not to mention thousands of very beautiful girls - one can easily see Peru's potential for a great romantic vacation! This week, International Dating Expert and Author Bud Patterson visits with one of AFA's recent Peru tour alumni to get his thoughts on wife-hunting in Lima. This will be very insightful for anyone considering a Latin bride. Remember to check out Bud's weekly Monday International Dating webcast. Simply visit any girl's profile for a link to join. 9:30pm EST!

Not long ago, we opened an office in Lima, Peru with the goal of introducing our Latin-focused clients to some of the world's most affectionate and friendly ladies. We added an excellent manager, a hard-working and committed staff and hundreds of Lima's nicest girls. The end result? One of Latin America's best kept secrets: Lima, Peru, is a perfect destination for lovers, yet it hosts fewer men than any of our other latin destinations. I'll be honest - I have no idea why that is. Perhaps we don't hear much about Peru in the media or news. Perhaps we're too distracted by the lure of Costa Rica or Colombia; two countries you'll find much more information about, especially as it relates to international dating and marriage. To help build awareness and draw your attention to some of the most deserving girls on our extensive database, we're featuring a client testimonial for Lima in this week's newsletter. Let's introduce you to John from the UK - our great client and Peru tour participant.

Watch the alluring video above, from a recent Peru tour, and listen to John's detailed summary of his tour experience.

Lima, Peru is one of the best reviewed tourist vacation spots in Latin America and highly recommended by travel bloggers. John describes Lima as "Just about the craziest place on Earth. LOL! It's jammed, packed city full of so many people. It's full of so much variety. There's so much contrast, so much variation in the kinds of people you meet, the kinds of people you see on the street... it's such an epic city. Miraflores - I never felt so safe in my life in any city anywhere in the world. The government (of Peru) works really hard to make sure everyone is safe and tourists are looked after. You have KFC's, Pizza Huts and TGI Fridays, so you don't feel far from home, but Peru has over 400 national dishes and let me tell you - these girls can cook! Try some of the local fare, you will not be disappointed.

And what about the AFA staff who conduct the tour for us? Our excellent Manager, Sara and her group of associates who have been with us for years? "The socials are the most unreal and yet one of the most fantastic experiences in your life!" says John. "The weather, and the city are great - but the highlight of the tour for me was meeting the AFA staff. These are some of the friendliest people I've ever met in my entire life. These are people of genuinely excellent character. I think these are literally some friends that I'm going to keep for life.

Let's face it - there's just not a lot of Singles travel related info on Peru out there for would-be Peru bride finders to look over and learn more about Peru's love potential. So when someone like John lives the experience for us and follows through with a detailed summary of his experience, we live every moment vicariously through him. So - what's the final verdict, John? "Would I recommend the tour? I'm going to say 'No.' Because if you can hear all of this, if you can see these photos, if you can consider the concept that all these girls who look like that, genuinely...are waiting for a guy to go there and be genuinely serious about marrying them...if you stay where you are and opt not to go, I'm not going to recommend a tour, I'm going to recommend a psychiatric hospital for you because there must be something wrong with you! What are you waiting for! Seriously!