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3 Reasons Why Asian Women Seek Foreign Husbands

So, you're walking down the street one-day, minding your business, doing your thing when suddenly you look up - and wow! You're nearly stopped in your tracks by a gorgeous Asian-American beauty passing you by. For one second - she returns your gaze, then looks away. You don't mean to stare, but you can't help yourself. The hair, and eyes and smooth complexion. She's strong and confident. You love the faint smile and the way she clings to the man accompanying her. Ah - she's taken. So you smile and continue on. Let's face it - we've all had that happen before. Asian women are exotic and unique and they really stand out everywhere they go. Your one thought, as you reflect on that moment? "Manů I gotta find me a girl like HER."

Now, of course you know nothing about that particular girl but chances are she's one of the many incredible Asian ladies who find their life-mate via a reputable, popular international marriage agency like Phoenix-based A Foreign Affair. AFA introduces hundreds of men to Asian single ladies from Thailand, China and The Philippines every year. Who are these super exciting Asian ladies? Why do they seek a man from outside their culture? Why are they posting profiles on the internet every year - by the thousands!

Here are 3 Reasons Why Asian Women Seek Foreign Husbands.

  1. Nobody wants them. Google the words "sheng nu" and you'll see what I mean. This is the derogatory term used to describe professional, mature women in China who haven't married by age 30. It literally means "leftover" and China's government created the phrase to discourage women in their mid-twenties from pursuing their careers ahead of settling down and starting a family. The problem for women in China is two-fold: 1) the men in China want very much to marry a girl below them in social status. In terms of jobs, class, education and wealth, A level men want B level women, B level men want C level women, C level men want D level women, etc. The two demographics who find it hardest to find a life-mate are D level men and A level women. 2) As women work to achieve their career goals, put money away, invest and build wealth, they move farther away from what Chinese men consider desirable status. Ironically, some of China's most available and eligible bachelorettes are it's hardest working and successful ladies. In the past five years, the international marriage broker and matchmaking businesses have become very popular.
  2. Nobody can support them. I want to stress here that I am certainly not perpetrating a stereotype that Philippine men cannot support families. There are many good and productive Philippine men who love and provide well for their families. A significant number of Philippine men, especially in suburban and rural areas away from bigger cities, find it difficult to secure gainful employment and cannot support a wife and family. The economy in outer areas around Cebu and Davao, for example, does not create enough opportunities so many women remain unmarried or are abandoned single moms raising their children with their families. They look outside their culture for a foreign guy to love and support them and their children.
  3. Nobody respects them. Some would suggest there are as many as 5 different types of Thai women, ranging from bargirls to affluent, upper class businesswomen. The number of women found in Thailand's seedier places are a minute part of the overall population but foreigners often attach improper stereotypes to the broader population of Thai women overall. Thai women who seek foreign men are mislabeled as subservient, poor and desperate to leave when, in reality, they're usually lower to middle class ladies happy to have their husbands live with them in Thailand. There are many foreign men in Thailand. The challenge for Thai girls is to find one who isn't looking for a bargirl fantasy-bride. The vast majority of Thai women who marry internationally want one thing more than any from the relationship: respect! They seek men who'll protect, understand and truly love them as equals.

Asian women are typically smart, sophisticated, family-oriented, strong and hard working. Men who buy into the stereotypical shy and subservient fantasy bride idea should really take a step back and evaluate. If you're after that healthy, strong, and confidently happily attached kind of girl you passed on the street - there are thousands waiting to be discovered by you.

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